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Today’s Gospel
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Thursday 3rd in Ordinary Time

Gospel text (Mk 4,21-25): esus also said to the crowd, «When the light comes, is it to be put under a tub or a bed?». Jesus also said to the crowd, «When the light comes, is it to be put under a tub or a bed? Surely it is put on a lampstand. Whatever is hidden will be disclosed, and whatever is kept secret will be brought to light. Listen then, if you have ears!».

And he also said to them, «Pay attention to what you hear. In the measure you give, so shall you receive and still more will be given to you. For to the one who produces something, more will be given, and from him who does not produce anything, even what he has will be taken away from him».

Illustration: Fr. Lluís Raventós Artés

Today, Jesus continues describing us how Christian life should be like. We are like a lamp that burns and shines. But so that it lightens better we have to place it on top of some furniture. Would it have any sense to light it and place it under the bed…? It would be absurd! And it is equally absurd that a Christian “hides” in spiritual tepidity: I do not cooperate but I am not bad either…

—Either I am good, or I am not useful. We have to be the light and joy of the world.

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