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Dear friend,

As you know, evangeli.net is managed by "volunteers" and is kept through "voluntary money", thanks to donations we receive from many parts of the world. The generosity of those who help us with their contributions is deeply appreciated by us.

Owing to the increasing importance of the micro-donations through Internet, we have had to incorporate "evangeli.net " to the Teaming site, which is a simple online tool to help solidarity initiatives with €1 / month donations (only allowed quantity), which are debited to the benefactor’s bank account or credit card.

2 years ago Teaming was started in Spain, and now it has thousands of subscribers who are contributing with more than €80.000 per month to all kinds of social causes. At present, it is already possible to make donations from all the "euro area" as well as from the rest of Europe (click here for additional details). Gradually it will be spreading to other countries, all over the world.

If you reside in Spain or in another country of the EU and you want to collaborate to spread evangeli.net, you can easily and securely do it through Teaming with a micro-donation of €1 monthly for the Teaming-evangeli.net group. You will also find answers to any other questions you may have by clicking here.

All the volunteers of the evangeli.net team thank you for your attention, prayers, diffusion and support.


evangeli.net: "Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation) and "Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)




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The new evangeli.net website is now available. We hope that the distribution of the content and the new features will facilitate the reading and meditation of the Gospel and its commentary.