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Dear friend:

During Lent, evangeli·net Subjects is going through the Mysteries of the Rosary related to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In ”The Agony in the Garden” we can see the "God far from God", that is, Jesus relinquishing and renouncing his divinity by "becoming sin" for our salvation (cf. 2Cor 5,21 ).

Now, in the second Mystery of Pain, "The Scourging of the Lord" we see the "Man far from the man" ... An expression that is not so exaggerated if we contemplate the face of Christ so disfigured that everyone avoids looking at Him (cf. Is 53, 2-3) ...

You will find soon the new evangeli·net Subjects option on the menu of our website, in which all the installments of this service will be published in an orderly way.

Thank you for your attention.

Greetings from the evangeli.net Team.

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