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Today’s Gospel
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Today's Gospel + image + catechesis

Saturday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel text (Lk 6,43-49): Jesus said to the crowd, «No healthy tree bears bad fruit, no poor tree bears good fruit». Jesus said to the crowd, «No healthy tree bears bad fruit, no poor tree bears good fruit. And each tree is known by the fruit it bears: you don't gather figs from thorns, or grapes from brambles. Similarly the good person draws good things from the good stored in the heart, and an evil person draws evil things from the evil stored in the heart. For the mouth speaks from the fullness of the heart.

»Why do you call me: ‘Lord! Lord!’ and not do what I say? I will show you what the one who comes to me and listens to my words and acts accordingly, is like. That one is like the builder who dug deep and laid the foundations of his house on rock. The river overflowed and the stream dashed against the house, but could not carry it off because the house had been well built. But the one who listens and does not act, is like a man who built his house on the ground without a foundation. The flood burst against it, and the house fell at once: and what a terrible disaster that was!».

Illustration: Fr. Lluís Raventós Artés

Today we read a "classic" of Jesus' preaching: "Every tree is known by its fruits". That’s the life! With the passage of time the results of what each one has been sowing appear. Where do I lay the foundations of my existence? In good weather everyone laughs. But what if the winds and rains increase? Some stand firm; others collapse.

- I can’t pretend to always have a "good time". What I certainly can do is place God as the foundation of my life.