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Are you a priest?

If you are a catholic priest, we invite you to partake in by joining our large editorial team. It is a collective homiletical.

The main characteristics

  1. Written by a large international team of ordained members of the clergy (bishops, clergymen and deacons, whether secular or religious). Right now we are about 150 authors, trying to reach the 200 or, even better, the 300 mark. Each one collaborating with one or two commentaries every year.
  2. Basically addressed to lay followers with the purpose of providing them with a practical tool for mental prayer (on the basis of a small daily dose), whether at their quarters in front of a PC screen or anywhere else.
  3. The service includes the text of the daily Gospel plus a brief commentary (290–315 words), that is freely send every day to subscribers. Other than e-mail, the service is edited on a daily basis in our web and in other Internet sites.
  4. For the time being, the edited languages are five: English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Portuguese. Each writer uses the language he prefers. The user that subscribes this service must choose the language, which he prefers to receive it in.

Writing style guidelines

  • Between 290 and 315 words (equivalent to 17–18 typewritten lines in DIN A4 size, with a Times New Roman 12 font). The commentary must be brief and nimble (so it can be read on line, as one goes along).
  • The writing must mention -at least twice- a few words or some verse of the commented evangelic passage. It must be borne in mind that by reading only the commentary/homily, the reader should be able to guess the passage being mentioned and assume its message.
  • The redaction must include some quote from some Father of the Church, a saint or from our Roman Pontiff.
  • All parts of the redaction must be of material significance and relevance, now and in the years to come. Consequently, commentaries should not be limited to concrete events concerning a given year or country. For instance, avoid an expression such as: “As the Pope has said in Paris a few weeks ago…” (it should rather be written: “As the Pope John Paul II has written/said…”).
  • The Editing Committee is responsible for revising all texts, adjusting them to style guidelines and translating them into other languages.

Editor’s e-mail

If you are willing to participate, please write us to Editing Comitee and we shall contact you.