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Table of Contents

Master·evangeli.net contains hundreds of brief theological commentaries on several matters of the catholic faith. Through the present TABLE OF CONTENTS you can access them directly:

  • The subjects have been ranked according to the thematic index of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”.
  • A first level presents a general view of the mentioned index by thematic groups.
  • In a second group of depth when you click on the links 1st PART (2nd PART, etc.) you can see the detailed theme list and access the desired commentaries/themes.
  • Some themes appear in more than one title of the index – title in bold.
  • Each commentary is linked to the Gospel of a particular liturgical day. Should some single days be linked to diverse commentaries it is possible for the chosen theme to occupy the second, third … place: it will be automatically located while the bottom of the page is shown on the screen.

Part one: The profession of faith

  • Man's capacity for God

  • The revelation of God (The Stages of Revelation)

  • God has said everything in his Word (There will be no further Revelation)

  • The transmission of divine Revelation

  • The Apostolic Tradition

  • Tradition and Sacred Scripture

  • Sacred Scripture (Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture; The Canon of Scripture)

  • The fourth Gospel (according to St. John) and its great imagery

  • The Magisterium of the Church (The heritage of faith entrusted to the whole of the Church)

  • Man's response to God

  • The Obedience of Faith: The Characteristics of Faith (Faith is a grace, Faith is a human act, Faith and understanding, The freedom of faith, Faith - the beginning of eternal life).

  • God: only one God; The living God, "A God merciful and gracious"

  • God alone IS

  • The implications of faith in one God

  • The Father

  • The revelation of God as Trinity: The Father revealed by the Son, The Father and the son revealed by the spirit, The formation of the Trinitarian dogma.

  • The Almighty. The mystery of God's apparent powerlessness

  • The Creator. Catechesis on creation: "The world was created for the glory of God", God creates by wisdom and love, God creates "out of nothing", God creates an ordered and good world, God transcends creation and is present to it

  • Providence

  • The angels. The existence of the devil

  • The visible world

  • Man: "In the image of God", "Body and soul but truly one", "A unity in two"

  • The fall: Freedom put to the test

  • Jesus Christ, The Only Son of God

  • Christ identity. The Incarnation: two natures in a single Person (True God and true Man)

  • Human body; Christ?s human intelligence and will

  • The names and the "titles" of Jesus Christ (Jesus, Emmanuel, Christ, The Lord, Messiah, Son of Man...)

  • Threefold Priestly Office of Christ: to sanctify, to teach, to rule

  • Born of the Virgin Mary

  • Christ's whole life is a mystery. The mysteries of Christ's life (Incarnation and infancy; public ministry, Paschal Mysteries)

  • Incarnation and infancy

  • Public ministry

  • The Sermon on the Mount

  • Jesus teachings by parables

  • Towards Jerusalem

  • The Paschal Mysteries

  • The Passion

  • The Resurrection

  • The Ascension

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Church. Names and images of the Church: People of God , Body of Christ, Temple of the Holy Spirit, Bride of Christ

  • The marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic and apostolic

  • The Faithful in the Church: ordained faithful and lay faithful; baptismal priesthood and ministerial priesthood

  • Hierarchy: Saint Peter: Prince of the Apostles; foundation of unity; warrant of the catholic faith. Episcopal college

  • The lay faithful

  • The communion of saints

  • Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church

  • The forgiveness of sins

  • The resurrection of the body. Eschatology (Judgement; Last Things)

Part Two: The celebration of the christian mystery

  • The liturgy, work of the Holy Trinity. Source of life

  • Liturgical Time

  • The sacramental economy. The sacraments.

  • The sacraments of christian initiation

  • The sacraments of healing

  • The sacraments at the service of communion

Part three: Life in Christ

  • Man's vocation life in the spirit

  • Man: the image of God

  • Our vocation to beatitude. The Desire for Happiness

  • Man's freedom: Freedom and Responsibility

  • The morality of human acts. Good Acts and Evil Acts

  • The morality of the passions

  • Moral conscience

  • The virtues. The cardinal virtues (Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance)

  • The Theological Virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity).

  • The Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

  • Sin

  • The person and society. The Communal Character of the Human Vocation

  • Social justice: Respect For the Human Person; Equality and Differences Among Men. Human Solidarity

  • The moral law. The Natural Moral Law; The Old Law; The New Law or the Law of the Gospel.

  • Grace and justification

  • Christian Holiness

  • The Ten Commandments. The Decalogue. The unity of the Decalogue

  • The first commandment. "Him Only Shall You Serve". Adoration. Prayer. Sacrifice. The right to religious freedom. Atheism.

  • The second commandment

  • The third commandment. The Lord's Day

  • The fourth commandment. The Family. The Authorities. The political community and the Church

  • The fifth commandment. Respect for Human Life. Peace

  • The sixth commandment. "Male and Female He Created Them ...". Chastity. The integrity of the person . The Love of Husband and Wife

  • The seventh commandment. The Universal Destination and the Private Ownership of Goods. The Social Doctrine of the Church. Economy and Justice

  • The eighth commandment. Living in the Truth. The Use of the Social Communications Media

  • The ninth commandment. Purification of the Heart

  • The tenth commandment. Concupiscence. Poverty of Heart

Part four: Christian Prayer

  • What is prayer?

  • The universal call to prayer

  • The battle of prayer

  • The Lord's prayer. "Our Father!"

Part one: The profession of faith

Part Two: The celebration of the christian mystery

Part three: Life in Christ

Part four: Christian Prayer