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Contemplating today's Gospel

Dear friend,


Thank you very much! Many thanks! Many thanks to ALL the users of evangeli.net. Your bighearted cooperation has allowed us to muster up to 6.785 complete answers to our survey (between June 20th and 28th). The outcome is a rather impressive illustration of the reality and judgment of our users.

The survey has been like a small World “Championship". Actually, it has had a global reach, but without any desire to compete, but rather of mutual service. We have ALL prevailed, although we should mention the rather spectacular response from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico… to attain a grand total of 111 countries.

Now we are working on this very valuable information to better service our present and future users. Within our next newsletters, we shall be trying to reply to the many question marks you have raised. For instance, why the Chinese and the Italian evageli.net have not yet appeared? Our work is developed based on a voluntary collaboration: that is why our rhythms, at times, are not as nimble as we would like.

Our work for the Chinese edition (“Mei-ri-fu-yin”) is progressing, although some additional problems have arisen because of the uniqueness of the Chinese writing characters. In Italian ("Contemplare il Vangelo di oggi"): our first attempt a year ago was not successful. Still, recently, a new team of volunteers has restarted the preparation work. We do hope and wish that for the next Advent these two new languages would be available online.

We shall keep on informing you.

The evangeli.net Team


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