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Contemplating today's Gospel

Dear friend,


Why I do not receive any more the daily mail of evangeli.net? This is a rather frequently asked question, which seriously concerns and perturbs us. To minimize this inconvenience we have completed an exhaustive analysis of our mails and have reached the following conclusions.

ALWAYS and everyday evangeli.net automatically mails our service to ALL our subscribers. Nevertheless, our bulk mail does not always reach their target because some electronic mail commercial “servers” turn aside or retain our mails by deeming them ”to be adware” (spam). This is a technical difficulty because every day our consignments are becoming more massive.

If you ever come across this problem, we are submitting you the following ideas to help you:

1) You can ALWAYS access our service simply by opening the HOME of evangeli.net: therein you have available the Today’s Gospel, whether in writing or in audio. In the upper right corner of the web, you have a selection of the five different languages, which we are editing the Gospel in so far, as well as a choice of three different font sizes for your convenience.

2) You can also view, if you so wish, the services of PREVIOUS DAYS and, even the Gospel and inherent comment of any liturgical day of the year, through the option PERPETUAL CALENDAR.

3) The e-mail: the ideal solution would be for you to inform your server to consider our service as "no spam" (or, alternatively, to configure the webmail so that our mail is not diverged to the spam folder). Eventually, there is the possibility to complain directly to the managers of the service.

4) On a personal basis, I may inform you that through the experience of many of our subscribers we understand that the best mail server in this connection happens to be @gmail.com. Many of our subscribers have opened with them an e-mail account (which is gratis), they have subscribed again to our service and they have subsequently solved the problem of any eventual spam.

We hope these few advices may help you to enjoy our evangeli.net much better,


Fr. Antoni Carol i Hostench (evangeli.net)


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