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Contemplating today's Gospel

Dear friend,


Happy Pentecost! In the same event, 2000 years ago, the preaching of the Word of God was heard in many languages. We want evangeli.net to be a reflection —albeit a modest one— of that linguistic explosion. We take this as an opportunity to announce that soon we will be editing the Chinese evangeli.net:


Since a few months ago, a small team of people have being preparing for this launch. We are excited about offering the possibility to some of our users to collaborate directly in this project. In particular, we are looking for two or three volunteers who could help with writing tasks.

The requirements would be: practicing Catholic; perfect command of the Chinese language; good knowledge of Spanish or English and, above all, experience in translation. The estimated time commitment is one 1 hour a week. You may send your applications to evangeli.xina@gmail.com.

Evangeli.net Team greets you and thanks you for your attention.

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