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Dear friends:

Benedict XVI is accomplishing a unique contribution to Theology: his approach to the figure of Jesus discovers us the beauty and grandeur divine and human of the Lord. Either because of his great erudition or because of his saintliness, or simply because he is the Pope, the profound and accurate knowledge of the "Bible" that the theologian Ratzinger has is quite impressive: we can see with amazement the panorama of the long and intense preparation with which God during the Old Testament arranged the sending of His Son for our salvation.

During Lent, from Master·evangeli.net we are trying to "ascend" with Jesus to Jerusalem by following the trail of Pope Benedict’s theological thinking. We anticipate here with the doctrinal subjects our editing staff have prepared for the first 15 days of March:

Today, Thursday 1st of Lent (MARCH 1st): "Oral prayer" (individual / collective) and "continuous prayer” (click here to read the theological comment)

Friday 1st of Lent (March 2nd): We will not find God without forgiveness

Saturday 1st of Lent (March 3rd): Charity. Loving our enemies

Sunday 2nd of Lent (March 4th): The Transfiguration and the mystery of the Cross

Monday 2nd of Lent (March 5th): God’s mercy is not a “low cost” gift

Tuesday 2nd of Lent (March 6th): Temptation: appearance of good

Wednesday 2nd of Lent (March 7th): Christ’s "vicarious suffering"

Thursday 2nd of Lent (March 8th): Jesus, crucified and risen, is the true "Lazarus"

Friday 2nd of Lent (March 9th): Actuality of the "Parable of the vineyard and its tenants"

Saturday 2nd of Lent (March 10th): Implicit Christology in the "Parable of the Prodigal Son"

Sunday 3rd of Lent (March 11th): Jesus purifies the Temple

Monday 3rd of Lent (March 12th): Jesus of Nazareth, key to read in a new way the Law and the Prophets

Tuesday 3rd of Lent (March 13th): The "Parable of the wicked servant" (forgiveness is only effective when we know how to forgive)

Wednesday 3rd of Lent (March 14th): "Faithfulness" and "novelty" in the religion of Jesus

Thursday 3rd of Lent (March 15th): Christ’s work in the Holy Spirit releases us from the devil

You can access this content entering our website (click button Master·evangeli.net) or by free subscription (select Service: "Master"). Within a few weeks, we will have available in the web the option “Table of contents”, from which it will be possible to check always any Master theme edited so far in which you may be interested

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