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Dear friend:

In the 2nd PART of the “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”: «You are my Lord and my God!», The "scientists" (quote unquote) come into play, that is, those who before the historical (and meta-historical) fact of the Resurrection only accept what can be touched.

We ask ourselves, is this the right way to reach Jesus Christ Resurrected? (The case of Thomas). Does Jesus-Resurrected deserve this kind of defiant reaction? What does Christ teach us so that we can reach Him? Why some were convinced of his resurrection without seeing him? (The case of John). And when they see him, how is it that some recognize him immediately and others don’t?

So far we will have answered about "HOW" we have to look for the Jesus Christ Resurrected. We save for the next installment (the 3rd PART) the answer about "where" we have to go to find him...

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