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Contemplating today's Gospel

Dear friend,


Today is April, 6th… Less than a week and a half before releasing the NEW THEOLOGICAL-DOCTRINAL format, which —finally— will be named "Master·evangeli.net".

I wish to emphasize the following characteristics:

* it will complement the present format (which is the Gospel contemplation).

* the contents of "Master·evangeli.net" is a theological-doctrinal one: based on the everyday Gospel, and it will briefly mull over one subject related to our Catholic faith. The style will be plain, with reasoned arguments, but always based upon the Holy Scriptures.

* we shall advise you when it will be possible to subscribe to this new service (it will different to the one you are receiving now).

I must admit that, as usual, we are late and working against the clock. We are facing a great technological challenge and, most of all, an editing effort. We ask you to pray for the success of our new service.

I finish with a BIG scoop: the World Youth Day (WYD) web has already integrated our service www.evangeli.net, in Spanish. In the coming weeks, we shall also add the other languages (English, French, Portuguese and Italian). Should you want to see it, click here. We are very happy to be able to offer this service to our Pontiff and to all the youth of the Church.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your attention.

Fr. Antoni Carol (www.evangeli.net).


+ + + + +

* Should you wish to SUBSCRIBE A FRIEND, click here and follow the instructions: it is very easy, too. Your friend will only receive a communication asking for his/her confirmation to complete the SUBSCRIPTION.