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Dear friends:

We complete the set of themes of our course on “Christology”, around the mystery of Christmas:

Today, Friday 2nd DECEMBER: How to interpret the Bible? Limits of the “historical-critical” method (click here)

• Saturday, 3rd: How to interpret the "Bíble"? The "canonical" exegesis method

• Sunday, 4th: "God comes"

• Monday, 5th: The "Bíble" is one only book. How was it made?

• Tuesday, 6th: The Author of the Scriptures

• Wednesday, 7th: Divine inspiration of the “Biblical” Authors

• Thursday, 8th: The "Immaculate" Conception of the Virgin Mary

• Friday, 9th: God's hope for man is the basis of man’s hope in God

• Saturday, 10th: Jesus, "Light of Light", man’s hope

• Sunday, 11th: Christ's triple coming

• Monday, 12th: Jesus: "A prophet as I"

• Tuesday, 13th: Jesus, the "new Moses"

• Wednesday, 14th: Jesus of Nazareth, a historical figure recognizable through faith

• Thursday, 15th: St John the Baptist

• Friday, 16th: "Bethlehem" at home

• Saturday, 17th: St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary and foster father of Jesus

• Sunday, 18th: "Rejoice" ("Kairé"): beginning of the New Testament

• Monday, 19th: Zachary, father of St. John the Baptist

• Tuesday, 20th: Annunciation and Incarnation

• Wednesday, 21st: Visitation of the Virgin Mary to her relative St. Elisabeth

• Thursday, 22nd: Mary's "Magnificat"

• Friday, 23rd: Birth and Circumcision of the Baptist

• Saturday, 24th: The "Benedictus", the Canticle of Zachary

• Sunday, 25th: Christmas

• Monday, 26th: St. Stephen, Proto-martyr

• Tuesday, 27th: St. Joan, evangelist

• Wednesday, 28th: The Saints Innocents

• Thursday, 29th: Simeon (Presentation of Jesus at the Temple)

• Friday, 30th: The Holy Family

• Saturday, 31st: Prologue of St. John’s Gospel

• Sunday, 1st JANUARY: St. Mary, Mother of God

Thanks for your attention. The evangeli.net team


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