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Contemplating today's Gospel

Happy news!: the new service Master·evangeli.net, is already online. Thus, we finally fulfill a wish we had for very long: to also offer the world a THEOLOGIC-DOCTRINAL commentary, by briefly explaining the reasons of our faith.

The Christian faith is supernatural, but not irrational. Benedict XVI is developing from the faith a passionate dialogue with the culture of our world. In a more modest way, we are trying to join our Pope by launching this new online service.

Master·evangeli.net contains an abbreviated text of the Gospel of the day, along with a theological explanation (+150 words). A short title (placed between the Gospel and the explanation) reveals the theme.

Being dissimilar to Contemplating today’s Gospel, this new service of Master·evangeli.net is mailed by explicit subscription (gratis, with no cost whatsoever). You may directly access this subscription by clicking here (we require only your e-mail and your preferences). This service can also be reached from our web.

Many thanks for your support! The evangeli.net team.

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Should you wish to SUBSCRIBE A FRIEND, click here and follow the instructions: it is very easy! (your friend will only receive a communication asking for his/her confirmation to complete the SUBSCRIPTION)