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Dear friends,

We greet you once again just when the Time of Advent begins. "And the Word became Flesh": we are facing the mystery of the Incarnation of the Word of God. Taking advantage of this time, Master·evangeli.net will dedicate several services to illustrate some aspects of the Scriptures, which are of the utmost importance, as recently emphasized by Joseph Ratzinger.

To facilitate the follow-up of these explanations, we anticipate the topics to appear in the next few days:

Today, Tuesday, November 29th: The importance of History in the Christian Faith (you can already see it)

• Wednesday, November 30th: St. Andrew, apostle.

• Thursday, December 1st: The "Christ of the faith" and the historical "Jesus".

• Friday, December 2nd: How to interpret the "Bible"? Limits of the "historical-critical" method.

• Saturday, December 3rd: How to interpret the "Bible"? The "canonical" exegesis method.

• Sunday, December 4th: "God-who-comes".

• Monday, December 5th: The "Bible" is one only book. How was it made?

• Tuesday, December 6th: The Author of the Scriptures.

• Wednesday, December 7th: Divine inspiration of the “Biblical” authors.

• Thursday, December 8th: The "Immaculate" Conception of the Virgin Mary.

• Other subjects will follow such as: "Jesus, the new Moses"; "Jesus: «A prophet like me»"; "Jesus of Nazareth: A historical figure, recognized from the Faith".

The evangeli.net team


evangeli.net: "Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation) and "Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)


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