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Dear friends:

We are in the 4th week of Lent. From now on, in the Holy Mass we will hear texts of the Gospel according to St. John. The so-called "Fourth Gospel" has some very interesting peculiarities, which, in a very special way, bring us closer to Jesus’ "heart". In his book "Jesus of Nazareth", Benedict XVI offers us a most fantastic analysis of the so-called "Johannine Question".

Over the next few days, Master·evangeli.net will deal with theological comments in harmony with the everyday Gospel, while trying to reflect the suggestive teachings of Benedict XVI.

We are herewith anticipating the titles of this subject matter:

Today, Tuesday 4th of Lent (MARCH 20th): The fourth Gospel does not stem from "Gnosticism" (click here to read the theological comment)

Wednesday, 4th of Lent (March 21st): The fourth Gospel clearly says that Jesus is the Son of God

Thursday, 4th of Lent (March 22nd): The fourth Gospel is based upon the Old Testament

Friday, 4th of Lent (March 23rd): Liturgical character of the Gospel according to John

Saturday, 4th of Lent (March 24th): Who were Jesus’ accusers? (“The Jewish” question)

Sunday, 5th of Lent (March 25th): The “universal", salvation prophesized by Isaiah, is revealed in the Cross

Monday, 5th of Lent (March 26th): Jesus is the Legislator; He is the Justice in person

Tuesday, 5th of Lent (March 27th): Jesus’ "departure" (About martyrdom)

Wednesday, 5th of Lent (March 28th): "Redemption" makes truth recognizable

Thursday, 5th of Lent (March 29th): Jesus, "I am" previous to Abraham

Friday, 5th of Lent (March 30th): "I am the Son of God". Initial reactions in Jerusalem

Saturday, 5th of Lent (March 31st): The Sanhedrin decides to kill Jesus

Palm Sunday (April 1st): Was Jesus a political revolutionary? (Controversy about Jesus’ "Zelotism").

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Thanks for your attention. The evangeli.net team


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