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Dear friends:

Only 10 years ago (March 2002) the idea of “Contemplating today’s Gospel” was born. Ever since, we have lived through an unbelievable experience:

December 2002: the online edition (web) of “Contemplating today’s Gospel”, begins.

30 priests made up our initial Editing Team.

March 2003: first deliveries of our service by e-mail (250 subscribers).

March 2011: presentation of our theological service Master·evangeli.net.

March 2012: 186.000 subscribers and 140.000 exclusive visitors / monthly in the web.

• You can see the evolution of OUR DIFFUSION (click here).

• Most recent integrations to our Editing Team:

Fr. Gavan Jennins (Dublin, Ireland). His first comment appeared last Saturday, 3rd of Lent.

In the near future, Fr. Damien Lin’s (Singapore) first comment will also appear.

• Now we are happy to extend our welcome to:

Père Jacques Philippe (FRANCE) and,

Abbé Jacques Fortin (Quebec, CANADA).

If you want to see the world map with the 24 countries of origin of our editors, click here

In addition, this venture has been possible thanks to the voluntary collaboration —most frequently, a generous involvement— of 70 persons (translators, coordinators, programmers, promoters …). And, obviously! to thousands of users who have contributed with their recommendation. Many thanks to all of you! In our next newsletter we shall explain our new projects and illusions for the YEAR of FAITH.

The evangeli.net team


evangeli.net: "Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation) and "Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)


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