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Dear friend:                                                   

In the name of evangeli.net I would like to express our appreciation to the Pope Benedict XVI for his extensive and self-denying hard work at the service of the Church: seminarist and student of theology, priest and lecturer, an authority on the Second Vatican Council, Bishop of Munich, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, successor of St. Peter, and soon... his own private "Gethsemane" (a life of full deliverance to prayer and intercession for the Church and for the whole world).

Many homilies of "Contemplating today’s Gospel" have benefitted from Benedict XVI’s teachings and words, and our service Master·evangeli.net almost completely evolves with the Magisterium from whom has taken on over the years - and before too, by working with John Paul II - the task to confirm his brothers in the faith.

I believe that one of Pope Ratzinger’s main contributions is his survey of Jesus Christ’s life: who is He and how we can get to know Him more fully and reliably. We are especially indebted to Benedict XVI for the improvement of our knowledge about Jesus of Nazareth, by mulling over more deeply upon the Holy Scripture, both the New Testament and, particularly, the Old Testament (where we have discovered many teachings about the Savior who was to come).

Here it is a selection of Master services assembled around a theme - Christ - following the teachings of a "magisterial teacher" - Benedict XVI:

The "Christ of the faith" and the historical "Jesus"

The Author of the Sacred Scripture

The New Alliance happened by Jesus Christ guides the Old to his fullness

Jesus Christ, true God and true man

Jesus, the "Son of God"

Jesus, Son "con-substantial" with God

Jesus: "A prophet like Me"

Jesus, "God’s Servant"

Jesus, the Christ-Messiah

Jesus, the "Son of Man"

Jesus, the new David

Jesus, the "new Moses"

Revelation of Jesus’ origin

Jesus Christ, "Mystery of Redemption"

Jesus’ prayer to the Father

From “Moses’ Law” to the “Messiah’s Law”

Parables are the "heart" of the preaching of Christ

Implicit Christology in the "Parable of the Prodigal Son"

Jesus, "the Servant of God", predicts His Passion

Jesus, the "New Temple" of the "new Israel". Universality of salvation

"I am the Son of God". Initial reactions in Jerusalem

The Sanhedrin decides to kill Jesus


At the beginning of the Holy Week (of The Year of Faith) we will introduce another selection of Christological Master topics, although specifically focused on the "Paschal Mysteries" of Jesus (Passion, Death and Resurrection).

As a priest, I do say no more than begging for prayers for Benedict XVI and for the Pope to follow. In the name of the whole Team of evangeli.net, I remain, yours

Antoni Carol i Hostench, Pbr.

General coordinator of evangeli.net



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