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Dear friends:

We wish to anticipate you some of the comments from our service for Easter, which is for us a "very treasured week":  God-Love has done for men what nobody can even start to imagine. However, we Christians have the privilege of knowing in detail the mysteries - Passion, Death and Resurrection - of our Redeemer.

Contemplating today’s Gospel


Palm Sunday: «Are you the King of the Jews?» (Mt 26,14—27,66)

Monday of Holy Week: «Anointed the feet of Jesus, wiping them with her hair» (Jn 12,1-11)

Tuesday of Holy Week: «It was night» (Jn 13,21-33.36-38)

Wednesday of Holy Week: «Truly, I say to you: one of you will betray me» (Mt 26,14-25)

Holy Thursday: «If I, then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet (...) » (Jn 13,1-15)

Good Friday: «It is accomplished. Then He bowed his head and gave up the spirit» (Jn 18,1—19,42)

Holy Saturday: Aliturgical day, without Gospel, but we shall have a commentary from F. Jacques Philippe

Easter Sunday: «He saw and believed» (Jn 20,1-9)




First announcement of the Passion. The path of the cross

Jesus, "the Servant of God", predicts His Passion

Jesus cleanses the Temple

"I am the Son of God". Initial reactions in Jerusalem

The Sanhedrin decides to kill Jesus

Christ the King: the authority to serve

The extreme hour of Jesus

Christ the King

Jesus, the "true Jonah"

Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane

The Passion of Christ

The Atonement of Christ for the sins of mankind

The death of Christ

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross: the new desired cult has become a reality in the Cross of Jesus

The kingship of Jesus at the moment of his Crucifixion

The Resurrection of Christ



Through our PERPETUAL CALENDAR (Holy Week), you can also access at any time to the rest of comments of Contemplating Today’s Gospel. And by using our optional TABLE OF CONTENTS other Master themes related to the mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ (from His conception and birth throughout His Passion, Death and Resurrection), are also accessible.


We wish you a Happy Easter.


Greetings from the evangeli.net Team.


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