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The son of God is born in Bethlehem! It is the most definitive move in the process of God’s approach to men. It is something great but also surprising and unexpected: God-Love, God-Tenderness surrenders to us by exposing His intimacy! The culmination is Jesus, Immanuel, i.e. "God-is-with-us".

Much of this revelation has been gathered in the Bible (the Old and New Testaments). How was it written? Who inspired it? Who drafted it? Is it reliable? Is the Old Testament actually announcing the coming of the Messiah? Have its prophecies about Christ been fulfilled?

Some comments from Master·evangeli.net - worked out from Benedict XVI’s thoughts – deal with these so important subjects for Christian believers:


Tradition and Holy Scripture

The Author of the Sacred Scripture

"Divine inspiration" of the "Biblical" authors

The Holy Scriptures

The "Bible" is one only book. How was it made?

Old and New Testament

Jesus Christ, the fullness of Revelation

How to interpret the "Bible"? Limits of the "historical-critical" method

How to interpret the "Bible"? The "canonical" exegesis method

What does “Gospel” actually mean?

The Gospel is not a legend but the account of a true story

The Matthew's Gospel

The fourth Gospel clearly says that Jesus is the son of God


By choosing the option Table of Contents (Part one: The profession of faith) you can find other Master topics on the Christian revelation.


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