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The “afterlife” is the greatest enigma of human life. We shall all —believers and non-believers— be going there. What is to be found there, in the afterlife? Our Christian faith has its answers, backed by Jesus’ words and by his own life (His own Resurrection being fundamental). We offer you in advance some Master themes on Christian eschatology:


All Saints Day

Commemoration of All Souls

The horizon of eternity and our responsibility over time

Eternal life, the "unknown known reality"

Conscience of eternal life

Death: a look into reality

Not everything ends with death: God’s Judgment

The prospect of the Judgment while living the "present"

The "Final Judgment ": grace and justice

The Judgment as a place for practicing hope

The "purgatory"

Final states of man (I): "Hell"

Final states of man (II): "Heaven"

Heaven. The Sadducees’ error about Resurrection


Throughout the option Table of Contents (heading: “The resurrection of the flesh. Eschatology”) you can find additional explanations about Christian eschatology topics).

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