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Dear friend:

Happy Resurrection Easter!  It is wonderful that every year this blissful moment arrives, when we can all share the most important reason for joy of our faith: Our Lord Jesus Christ is risen! Many tragedies —very painful— have been happening around the World these recent months and weeks. It is a lot of grief but now it is also the time to say that God, through His work of redemption, has revealed His immeasurable love for us.


From evangeli.net —in total communion with the whole Church— we want to suppress the wicked with an abundance of goodness through digital evangelization. Thus, in this context of joy and hope, we wish to announce a scoop: we have started the preparation work for a new service for the reading and pondering of the daily Gospel: “Today’s Gospel for the family”. It will be a new way to offer the commented daily Gospel, specially meant so that it can be read by both parents and sons in the family environment.  The style will be “catechetical”, i.e. aimed to the “pondered” reading of the Gospel. This implies brevity, plainness, more description than conceptualization and… for the first time we will combine text with the use of images to illustrate the daily Gospel.

For years, lots of people have been demanding this service and, these last weeks, we have received some donatives through our website,” voluntary money” that will allow us to start taking the first steps to make it a certainty.

Most of our collaborators are voluntary and, so far, we have been editing texts that have been written by priests and bishops for the sake of evangelization (i.e. without any compensation). We now pretend to develop the whole liturgical cycle by joining the texts and commentaries of the Gospel to images.

The resources available to evangeli.net are limited (evangeli.net is distributed for free and receive no income from advertising) and the necessary financial investment to carry out this project is important enough, so we shall be progressing in the production of “Today’s Gospel for the family” along with whatever contributions we may receive through our website. At any rate, we will periodically inform all our subscribers as to development of this new project and its characteristics.

With my most sincere gratitude and in the name of the evangeli.net Team.

Antoni Carol i Hostench, pbro.

(Coordinator general of evangeli.net)



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