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Dear friends,

Speaking of the "joy of love", Pope Francis has written that «the family is the place where parents become their children’s first teachers in the faith». Today, the deadline for the launch on line of "Today’s Gospel for the family" is exactly one month: we will start the First Sunday of Advent.

This new service will be offered in the same web of evangeli.net, and in the 7 languages we already have. It will consist of three parts: a short fragment of the Gospel of the day plus an illustration (cartoon) plus a short and simple comment (in total, some 100 words). Our wish is that a child with his brothers, accompanied by their parents, can easily read it: just a little bit every day means a lot every year!

As a sample we anticipate the 2nd Saturday of Advent (click here).

The evangeli.net Team.


evangeli.net: "Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation) and "Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)



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