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Dear friend,

Finally we are able to answer a frequent request from our subscribers: from next Ash Wednesday on, evangeli.net will also edit every day the 1st Reading (and the 2nd on feast days), the responsorial Psalm and the Versicle before the Gospel.

Our focus remains the same: it is the commentary of the daily Gospel. That’s why evangeli.net will continue to display the Gospel’s text directly, but the user will have the option See 1st Reading and Psalm which appears on the screen through a link (smaller font). This content can be hidden by clicking Hide 1st Reading and Psalm (that appears below).

We activate this option for all the languages we edit. This step has certainly required a remarkable effort, but we had to do it. For two reasons: the requests from our subscribers – as already mentioned – and for a theological motive. In fact Benedict XVI – and Vatican Council II before that – emphasized the need to get to know Jesus from the entire Bible – Old Testament, Gospels and the other books of the New Testament.

If you wish to have a complete understanding of Jesus Christ you need to contemplate Him through the writings of the Old Testament too, where we can find a large preparation and announcement of his arrival as Messiah through the very History of Israel, as well as the prophetic characters who announced His coming. From this global biblical view (technically speaking “canonical exegesis”) we’ll apprehend better the IMMENSITY of the being of Our Lord Jesus Christ avoiding the danger of an incomplete reading.

I thank with all my heart the great effort of the evangeli.net volunteer collaborators, who made possible this new input in our service.

Thank you for your attention. Greetings from

Antoni Carol Hostench, pbro.

General Coordinator of evangeli.net

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