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Dear friend, 

We inform you of the latest news regarding the financing and the projects we are working on this year. In recent months we have incorporated 20 new collaborators to help us edit the new service "Thoughts on today's Gospel" in the different languages of evangeli.net. We are also planning to change the current Internet server for an economical one that will give us greater control over the management of the web.

The 2021 budget (€ 32,928) is currently at 63%. That includes the maintenance of the web, the emailing of the service to subscribers and the development of new projects, the writing of new comments and contents, and expanding the promotion team, among others. You can access the information about the management of evangeli.net, our expenses and how they are being managed here.

Today we request your help to cover the part of the budget that we are missing, hoping to reach the 100% before the end of the year. The goal is to continue being a web page free of publicity, guaranteeing in any case that evangeli.net will always remain a free service.

We would like to remind you that the page for donations includes our number of bank account where transfers can be made as well as an option to contribute with varying amounts via PayPal, whether a one-time or periodically.

To make a contribution now,

visit the evangeli.net donations page here


Finally and above all we kindly ask you to pray for us and for the mission of evangeli.net.

We thank you for your attention. Sincerely,

The evangeli.net Team

"Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation)
"Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)
"Today’s Gospel for the family" (Gospel + image + catechesis)
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