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Today's Gospel + short theological explanation

Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Gospel text (Jn 21,20-25): (…) It is this disciple who testifies about the things he has recorded here and we know that his testimony is true. But Jesus did many other things; if all were written down, the world itself would not hold the books recording them.

Tradition and Holy Scripture

Fr. Fidel CATALÁN i Catalán (Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain)

Today, we read the end of St. John's Gospel. The Resurrected Lord appears before his disciples and confirms they are to follow him. Next, comes the text we proclaim today in the liturgy. The figure of the beloved disciple is central. The text helps to give an element of continuity to the Apostles' experience [the Tradition].

"Suppose I want him to remain until I come", may perhaps refer to this continuity. The beloved disciple becomes a testimony of all that, to the extent he realizes the Lord will always remain beside him. This is why he can write [the Holy Scripture] and his words are worth believing, because he glosses with his pen the continuous experiences of those living their mission in the midst of the world, while experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ.

—Lord, this beloved disciple can be each one of us provided we let be guided by the Holy Spirit, He who helps discovering this presence.