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Today's Gospel + short theological explanation

Wednesday after Epiphany

Gospel text (Mk 6,45-52): After the five thousand men were satiated, Jesus obliged his disciples to get into the boat and go ahead of him to the other side, towards Bethsaida, while he himself sent the crowd away. And having sent the people off, he went by himself to the hillside to pray. When evening came, the boat was far out on the lake while he was alone on the land. Jesus saw his disciples straining at the oars, for the wind was against them, and before daybreak he came to them walking on the lake; and he was going to pass them by. When they saw him walking on the lake (…).

The world of matter also belongs to the true God

EDITORIAL TEAM evangeli.net (based on texts by Benedict XVI) (Città del Vaticano, Vatican)

Today, within the context of Christmas, we contemplate Jesus walking on water. Who could do it - by his own power — but the one that was conceived virginally? Jesus is God and, as such, He has power over the matter

There are two moments in the story of Jesus when God intervenes directly in the material world: His virginal conception and the resurrection from the Tomb. These two moments are a scandal to the modern spirit. God is “allowed” to act in ideas and thoughts, in the spiritual domain–but not in the material. That is shocking! But... God is God and he does not operate merely on the level of ideas; the matter also belongs to Him.

God’s creative power embraces the whole of being. In that sense the virgin birth and the real resurrection from the tomb are the cornerstones of faith. If God does not also have power over the matter, then He simply is not God. But He does have this power... and wanders naturally over the waters..