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Today's Gospel + short theological explanation

November 22nd: Memorial of Saint Cecilia, Virgin and Martyr
Gospel text (Mt 25,1-13): Jesus told this parable to his disciples, «This story throws light on what will happen in the kingdom of heaven. Ten bridesmaids went out with their lamps to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were careless while the others were sensible. The careless bridesmaids took their lamps as they were and did not bring extra oil. But those who were sensible, brought with their lamps flasks of oil (…)».

St. Cecilia, martyr (+230)

Fr. Josep Mª CAMPRUBÍ i Rovira (Barcelona, Spain)

Today we celebrate Saint Cecilia, martyr. According to the martyrology known as "Martyrologium hieronymianum", Cecilia was a Roman noblewoman converted to Christianity and martyred for her faith (between 180 and 230). His name is included among the martyrs mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer I of the Mass.

With the parable of prudent virgins and others who were not, Jesus tells us how we can enter the Kingdom of God. Prudence is a virtue: the wise man who knows how to anticipate the circumstances that suddenly appear is prudent. Among the gifts of the Spirit we can include that of prudence. The prudent virgins possessed this gift of the Spirit. In their forecasting behavior they had supplied enough oil. They were not surprised without it, they were able to enter the banquet.

—Santa Cecilia is a young martyr. When ("at midnight") the Husband arrived, at the time of his martyrdom, the Lord found her prudently provided with the oil of faith and the lamp burning. Her faith, nourished by the Spirit, was not extinguished before the test. She accompanied the Husband with the burning lamp of faith.