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Dear friends:                                             

Today evangeli.net lives its 10th anniversary edition with the beginning of the POLISH edition: Rozważanie Ewangelii na dziś. We could not imagine this at the beginning! It's the first edition launched in a language different from a family of Latin languages​​: welcome to the Slavic langauges! We are especially grateful to the Team of Rozważanie Ewangelii na Dzis.

The future for evangeli.net will be the same when other languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc. will come. With “Rozważanie Ewangelii na Dzis” we open a new stage...

As you know, the slogan of our service is taken from John Paul II: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature through Internet" With the launch of “Rozważanie Ewangelii na Dzis” we want to pay a tribute to this great Pope - Blessed John Paul II -, and thank God for him (He is the one who chooses the popes!) and also to Poland. Thank you John Paul II! Thank you Poland!

With thankfulness, greetings from the evangeli.net team.


evangeli.net: "Contemplating today's Gospel" (Gospel + meditation) and "Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)




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