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Dear friend,

Before the end of the year, we summarize the objectives achieved thanks to your help and that of our collaborators, and make financial balance:

During 2023 we have written new comments for the daily Gospel and expanded the Calendar of Saints. We have also uploaded new videos to our YouTube channel. Regarding family.evangeli.net, we have published educational content, such as the First Communion Catechesis, and activities for the whole family, like puzzles of the daily drawing and the Trivia games.

Financially, thanks to your donations we have covered so far the 78% of the 2023 budget of € 33,504. You can access the information about the management of evangeli.net, our expenses and how they are being managed here.

During these days, we ask for your help to finish covering the budget for 2023, and thus keep evangeli.net active and free of publicity. Your end-of-year gift will help us continue to reach thousands each month with the saving message of God's love and mercy.

To make your contribution now,

visit the evangeli.net donations page here

We finally and above all ask you to pray for us and for the work of evangeli.net.

We thank you for your attention. Sincerely,

The evangeli.net Team

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"Master·evangeli.net" (Gospel + theology)
"Today’s Gospel for the family" (Gospel + image + catechesis)
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