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Dear friends:

We anticipate you the list of celebrations of saints for December with a new commentary: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Queen of Mexico, Patroness of the Americas and the Philippines).


  7th: Saint Ambrose, bishop and doctor of the Church

  8th: Immaculate Conception

12th: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Queen of Mexico, Patroness of the Americas and the Philippines) - NEW COMMENTARY

12th: St. Jane Frances de Chantal

13th: St. Lucia, virgin and martyr

14th: St. John of the Cross

25th: The Nativity of the Lord

26th: Stephen, First Martyr

27th: John, apostle and evangelist

28th: Holy Innocents, martyrs


The publication of our commentaries for the celebration of a saint is performed as follows:

• If a saint is celebrated throughout the Church as a feast or solemnity (eg, the Annunciation), then the comment appears in the home of our website (or in the mail that you receive).

• If the celebration of a saint has the status of liturgical memory, then evangeli.net publishes the comment of the day according to the liturgical time of the day (Lent, Easter, …) The homily referred to the saint of the day can be accessed through the link Saints.

Through our PERPETUAL CALENDAR (Feasts and Proper of Saints) you can access any time the commentary of the celebration of the saints already registered.


We thank you for your attention. Greetings from the evangeli.net Team

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