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Jesus in the Mysteries of the Rosary

  1. Glorious Mysteries
    1. The Resurrection of of Jesus Christ

The Glorious Mysteries are the "necessary culmination" of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Why? The answer is given by St. Paul: «If Christ has not been raised, then empty [too] is our preaching; empty, too, your faith» (1Cor 15:14). Even more, we would be «the most pitiable people of all» (1Cor 15:19), for -praising something that would not have happened- we would be «false witnesses to God» (1Cor 15:15).

But history and faith tells us of Jesus Christ Resurrected in fact. There are some who "see him”; There are some who "do not see him". What happen? We will analyze it! In any case, it is "testified".

The mystery of the Redemption "hangs from” the Resurrection of the Lord: without Resurrection there is no Redemption. Well, what strength would have - beyond death - the surrender of Jesus for us until death, if, after all, he remained dead? His passion would have remained as a simple gesture of solidarity for us - the mortals - but that would not be responding to the real enigma: what about my resurrection, my eternal life? (If my happiness has no eternal projection, then that happiness is very partial: in reality it is not an authentic happiness, but a "past-time") (Read more«Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified; he has been raised»).

We can distinguish 4 groups of people according to their reaction to the fact of the Resurrection of the Lord: 1. Liars; 2. "Apostles of apostles"; 3. "Scientists"; 4. Hopeless. Let's see how these groups have answered the following questions: How can I find Jesus Christ Resurrected? ; Where can I find Jesus Christ Resurrected? ...