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Jour liturgique : 11 juillet: Benoit, Patron d'Europe

Texte de l'Évangile (Mt 19,27-29): Alors Pierre prit la parole et dit à Jésus: «Voilà que nous avons tout quitté pour te suivre: alors, qu'est-ce qu'il y aura pour nous?». Jésus leur déclara: «Amen, je vous le dis: quand viendra le monde nouveau, et que le Fils de l'homme siégera sur son trône de gloire, vous qui m'avez suivi, vous siégerez vous-mêmes sur douze trônes pour juger les douze tribus d'lsraël. Et tout homme qui aura quitté à cause de mon nom des maisons, des frères, des soeurs, un père, une mère, des enfants, ou une terre, recevra beaucoup plus, et il aura en héritage la vie éternelle».

«Voilà que nous avons tout quitté pour te suivre: alors, qu'est-ce qu'il y aura pour nous?»

Abbé Dom. Josep ALEGRE Abbé de Santa Mª de Poblet
(Tarragona, Espagne)

Aujourd'hui, in St. Benedict's festivity, the Liturgy of the Word transmits to us Jesus Christ's own words, that should fill us with hope when we leave everything to stay with Him. «Here was a man of venerable life, Benedict by name and grace, who from the time of his very childhood carried the heart of an old man. His demeanor indeed surpassing his age, he gave himself no disport or pleasure, but living here upon earth he despised the world with all the glory thereof, at such time as he might have most freely enjoyed it». This is how St. Gregory the Great starts his introduction of his Life of Our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict. And this is how St. Benedict starts fulfilling the Gospel the Church is proposing us today, in his holiday: to give up everything to follow the Master.

To follow Jesus, we must give up whatever inconsistency to embrace the true wisdom that moves our hearts and opens the doors to immortality; a different wisdom to our worldly wisdom, that closes and hardens the hearts, sentencing them to sterility and death, and makes man unfortunate, for man's heart is meant to live, for God, and can only find rest in the sources of life, in God's embrace.

The way of life chosen by St. Benedict is, therefore, the way that will make us worthy of listening to Jesus' words: «On the Day of Renewal, when the Son of Man sits on his throne in glory, you, too, will sit on twelve thrones...» (Mt 19:18). This new world begins to be hinted by those assuming in their lives the Wisdom of the Kingdom, for they have the divine Spirit that examines everything and discerns God's ways. And thus, becomes worthy of receiving and inheriting eternal life, which is anticipated in this world by following and knowing the Lord Jesus, who clearly affirms: «Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent» (Jn 17:3). This is what St. Benedict did... what about you?