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Perpetual calendar: Easter

Help for the use of the liturgical calendar: Easter
Liturgical day
Easter Sunday (Mass During the Day)
Easter Sunday (Mass During the Day)
Ascension (A)
Ascension (B)
Ascension (C)
Week 1 Easter Sunday (Mass during the Day)
Easter Monday (Octave of Easter)
Easter Tuesday (Octave of Easter)
Easter Wednesday (Octave of Easter)
Easter Thursday (Octave of Easter)
Easter Friday (Octave of Easter)
Easter Saturday (Octave of Easter)
Week 2 Sunday 2nd (A) (B) (C) of Easter
Monday 2nd of Easter
Tuesday 2nd of Easter
Wednesday 2nd of Easter
Thursday 2nd of Easter
Friday 2nd of Easter
Saturday 2nd of Easter
Week 3 Sunday 3rd (A) of Easter
Sunday 3rd (B) of Easter
Sunday 3rd (C) of Easter
Monday 3rd of Easter
Tuesday 3rd of Easter
Wednesday 3rd of Easter
Thursday 3rd of Easter
Friday 3rd of Easter
Saturday 3rd of Easter
Week 4 Sunday 4th (A) of Easter
Sunday 4th (B) of Easter
Sunday 4th (C) of Easter
Monday 4th (A) of Easter
Monday 4th (B & C) of Easter
Tuesday 4th of Easter
Wednesday 4th of Easter
Thursday 4th of Easter
Friday 4th of Easter
Saturday 4th of Easter
Week 5 Sunday 5th (A) of Easter
Sunday 5th (B) of Easter
Sunday 5th (C) of Easter
Monday 5th of Easter
Tuesday 5th of Easter
Wednesday 5th of Easter
Thursday 5th of Easter
Friday 5th of Easter
Saturday 5th of Easter
Week 6 Sunday 6th (A) of Easter
Sunday 6th (B) of Easter
Sunday 6th (C) of Eastern
Monday 6th of Easter
Tuesday 6th of Easter
Wednesday 6th of Easter
Thursday 6th of Easter
Friday 6th of Easter
Saturday 6th of Easter
Week 7 Sunday 7th (A) of Easter
Monday 7th of Easter
Tuesday 7th of Easter
Wednesday 7th of Easter
Thursday 7th of Easter
Friday 7th of Easter
Saturday 7th of Easter
Pentecost Sunday (Vigil)
Pentecost Sunday

Help for the use of the liturgical calendar: EasterTop of page

  • The Easter Season starts with Palm Sunday, immediately after Holy Saturday.
  • Easter Sunday —along with Christmas— is the greatest solemnity of the liturgical year. The evangelical text to be read depends upon the mass to be celebrated: whether that of the Easter Vigil (with its three cycles A, B and C), or that of the Mass of the Day. Our service forwards to its subscribers one of these alternatives (whether that of the Vigil in the prevailing cycle, or that of the Mass of the Day).
  • This very solemn Sunday gives way to the Week of the Easter Octave. From the liturgical point of view, during the whole week we keep celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection. These are untransferable liturgical days.
  • The solemnity of the Lord’s Ascension (with its triple cycle A, B and C) is celebrated Thursday of the 5th week of Easter. However, in many dioceses, this celebration is transferred to the following Sunday (the 7th Sunday of the week being inoperative). This is the criterion that Contemplating Today’s Gospel follows when forwarding its service to its subscribers.
  • Easter Time ends with the solemnity of Pentecost. There are there two possibilities of the evangelic text, depending on whether the Mass of the Vigil or that of the Day is celebrated. Contemplating Today’s Gospel, in its deliveries, alternates each year, both texts.
  • When Easter is over, the Ordinary Time is recuperated. The day following Pentecost is the Monday of the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th of the Ordinary Time (for each year, cf. General Table).